Thank God for Labor Day

Whoever proposed we have labor day should be canonized. It’s beautiful here in Texas today. A cold front moved through and it’s not hot and balmy this morning for the first time since early May. After I finish up this post, I’m going to get a brisket into the oven and take my two dogs for a much-deserved walk. I’m so thankful to have two of the best dogs on the planet for companions.

This past week was a trying one. The IV IG treatment wasn’t the miracle cure for which I was hoping. I’m back to my old achy, tired self, but at least I’m still blessed in so many other ways. The scripture reading at church yesterday was the one about God taking care of the sparrows and clothing the lilies in the field and how if God does so much for birds and flowers, he’ll certainly take care of us. The message fit in with a Nooma video we watched in Sunday School about how, when we cry out to God, he hears us and responds. He doesn’t always give us what we want, but he does hear us and provides us with what we need, and I think that’s true. I have a sturdy home, clothing, and food. Just as important are my family, my pets, and my friends. For instance, my wonderful friend E. made us the BEST pasta and meatballs I’ve ever had last night. I’ve decided to name her an honorary Italian. (My grandparents are from Italy, so I can do that.)

OK, going to go get the brisket in the oven and enjoy the beautiful holiday morning now. Peace out!

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