The Calm between the Storms

I had a absolutely terrible morning on Saturday! I woke up and could barely move. Twenty mg. of Prednisone and a couple hours later, and I was feeling much better. By the afternoon I was cleaning the house and taking the dogs for a walk. It’s amazing what those tiny white pills can do!

I had to ask myself…how would I be holding up if my health issues weren’t cleared up so easily with the Prednisone. Would I be languishing in bed, full of anger or self-pity? I like to think I could be strong, but before I was first diagnosed, I basically did just this. I was angry with God and decided he either didn’t exist, was dead, or didn’t care about me. I’d come home from work and collapse, exhausted, into bed. After three or four years which included seeing a rheumatologist, getting on medication, and getting counseling, I finally got to the acceptance phase. Then bargained with God, “OK, I realize I need you and that maybe this disease could serve some purpose. Just please don’t let me have organ involvement.” It’s been over ten years since then, and I still don’t have organ involvement. What I DO have is a deeper sense of compassion and purpose. It’s interesting how many times since my diagnosis my path has crossed the path of those who needed someone to listen, someone who would understand their pain and frustration or was seeing someone they love go through pain and frustration.

So I have a question for you today, reader…what are YOUR gifts? And more importantly, how can YOU use them to help others?

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