Bad Day

I’m finding it very hard to be positive right now since my doctor’s office called to postpone my IV IG treatment for another week, and I can hardly walk (perhaps due to the weather front that moved through). I just took some prednisone after having slept 12 hours last night, so hopefully, I won’t be so stiff in a little while. I think I may be having some issues with the anemia since last night I dreampt my bedroom was infested with bats and I realized I was a vampire craving blood. Thankfully, I woke up right after that!

Sooo, I’m debating the prednisone again. I just took 10 mg, and I know I’d be feeling great this afternoon if I just took 10 more, but I just keep thinking of the long term consequences of taking so much. Maybe I should just do what feels good…start taking 20 mgs a day and start really watching my weight REALLY closely, depriving myself of all delicious food. I wouldn’t need to bother spending $300 per IV IG treatment or taking time off from work either. I’m going to have to weight the pros and cons some more I guess.

Wish I had something positive and uplifting to say, but nothing is coming to mind.

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