As I’ve said in a previous post or two, I’ve accepted the fact that I have Lupus and Dermatomyositis, and God’s grace is sufficient. I’d like to reiterate the fact that although God’s grace is sufficient, and I know he never gives me more than I can endure, I haven’t given up on praying for a permanent remission. We’re told in the bible that God will answer our prayers if we steadfastly pray for something (“Knock and it will be opened unto you”). It may take many years as in the case of a woman who prayed for her gangster son for at least a couple of decades before he turned his life over to God. The question is…why does God still not answer prayers if you pray really hard for something for a long time. Thanks to my pastor and Sunday school class, I’ve pretty much narrowed it to the following based on bible passages.

1) What is the motive of the prayer? Is it for good or selfish reasons?

2) Do we believe God will answer? We must have unwavering faith. We must expect a miracle!

3) Have we confessed out sins to God with a contrite heart?

4) Do we idolize others besides God such as people, ideas, or objects such as money, the TV, big houses, cars, etc.?

5) How do we help others? If we don’t help others, why should God feel moved to help us?

6) Are we patient and persistent? If you give up easily, it must not be that big a deal.

7) Do we love and worship God? Are we humble?

8) Are we in communion with God?

I really had to think about that last one. What does it mean to be in communion with God? I think it has to do with being God-centered, thinking about and praying to God frequently, even if it’s just a sincere “Thank you, God!” or “Help me, Lord!” If you really mean it, if you really feel God is with you by your side, then I think you’re in communion with God. Of course, it’s hard to do that when you’re busy with work and whatnot. I know I myself still have a long ways to go with that. However, if you start reminding yourself to pray in the morning at a set time, before meals, and before you go to bed, it can help. And try praying aloud if you can. It may feel weird at first, but over time (if you’re like me), you may find it helps you focus your prayers more and be more sincere.

Will definitely post if that permanent remission prayer comes through. 🙂

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