Learning to Fly

What do I do when I’m feeling sorry for myself? I listen to Pink Floyd, of course. When I was first diagnosed with Lupus, I listened to Pink Floyd A LOT. I listened to it almost endlessly when I was first diagnosed. I primarily listened to The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon. I think Comfortably Numb was my favorite song because I my hands were so swollen, they “felt like two balloons”, and I was having to give over a lot of blood when I would go to the rheumatologist. I suppose I found it cathartic.

I saw an interesting article the other day online in which there was a video of a man with Alzheimer’s disease. He didn’t know anything or anyone anymore and never talked. They downloaded all his favorite old music to an ipod, put headphones on him, and let him listen. He would sing along with the music and afterward, he could talk coherently about the music and how much he enjoyed it for several minutes. I think this proves that there is a great power in music, and I think music can influence us emotionally. Because of this, I try to listen to positive music like the song for which you’ll find a video below. (I’ve been dreaming of owls lately, which brought “Learning to Fly” to mind for me today.) I’ll still occasionally listen to heavy metal such as Metallica, but I don’t do it often, and I’m much more likely to listen to “Fuel” to feel pumped up rather than “One” which has got to be one of the most depressing songs EVER. Nowadays, I tend to listen to DeBussy and mellow artists like Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed over the last fourteen years!

So, if you’re struggling with some sort of hardship, I highly recommend you bring yourself some comfort with music, but take it from someone who’s had a little experience in this department…keep it positive!

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