A Bad Break

Well, you’d think my luck was bad enough. Now I’ve gone and done something pretty bad. On June 5th, my husband and I walked our dogs to the nearby park along with my visiting step-daughter & step-grandson. I told my husband to let me hold the bigger dog for him, so he could push the boy on the swing. He was reluctant to do this since this particular dog, a 70 lb. Border Collie/Blue Healer mix named Jake pulls really hard when he’s walked. I assured my husband it would be fine since I would just stand there and hold him, not walk him, so he acquiesced. A minute later, a passing Great Dane caught Jake’s eye, and he just had to lunge toward it to say hi…right there, that instant, with no warning. I ended up falling pretty hard on my shoulder and then my head hit the concrete.

I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve never had a head injury. I’ve never been in an ambulance, so this was a day of firsts. Luckily, my head wasn’t seriously hurt. Unfortunately, I broke my clavicle (collar bone).  I had rods put in Friday, but the Dr. doesn’t think they’ll hold, so I have to have more surgery this Friday to insert some sort of cable to anchor the broken bone to another bone.

So where is the good news in all of this? Well, first, my head could’ve been in far worse condition. I also survived the first surgery and have no infection. I’m responding quite well to the pain medication, too. Most importantly, I’ve been so fortunate to feel an amazing outpouring of Love from others…from family, friends, church members, etc. My phone rings every few minutes because people are checking up on me, offering to help me, and letting me know they’re praying for me. It feels incredible to know that I’m so loved and cared for. I really had no idea.

In April, my mom came to live with me because she can’t take care of herself very well due to being mostly blind and arthritic, but her presence has been a real blessing at this time. I never would’ve guessed that she would end up helping me so much and yet she has. When my husband is at work, she helps me with dressing, washing clothes, doing dishes, etc., and this morning she washed my hair for me in the sink and brushed it out. I never could’ve foreseen my mother washing and brushing my hair for me as she did when I was a child. Here I thought I would be doing all the care-giving and she would be doing all the receiving, but I guess that was a bit closed-minded. She definitely still has a purpose in life.

Sooo…if you read this anytime soon, please feel free to say a little prayer for me.

Before surgery

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3 Responses to A Bad Break

  1. I will say a prayer for you! I imagine by now your wounds are healed and your life is back to normal. I happened on your blog in a WordPress “read” session and would really like to encourage you to keep writing. You have a nice way of expressing the things going on in your head, heart, soul and life. I agree heartily with the title of your post! Thank you for sharing.

    One of my precious last times with my mother was when she came to help me for several weeks after a major trauma and surgery (also caused by a dog hurting me, but in a much more vicious manner.) My mother and sister helped bathe me and wash and fix my hair and cleansed my numerous wounds and stitches. A mother’s love and care can be a salve of comfort just when you need it were not expecting it. Mine was, and it sounds like yours is too. Thank God for his creation of the unconditional love in the instinctive heart of (normal) mothers. I think their love is a little touch of that “in His image” he imparted in how he made us. Thank God for your mother!

    Lupus Adventurer

  2. Errata… the post should read: “heartily agree with the title of your blog.”

    Lupus Adventurer (in Phoenix, AZ)

  3. Suzanne says:

    Yes, the bone is all healed. It just gets a little sore the day after I sleep on my left side, but all-in-all I’m MUCH better. Thanks for the prayer. 🙂

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