On the Road to Wellness

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written, but so much has happened, and I needed some time to myself before I could express my thoughts in writing. In February, my mother, who had lived with me and my husband for almost two years, decided to go live with one of my sisters who lives in Tennessee. Before this, I had been under an enormous amount of stress, trying to work full time and see to my mother’s physical and emotional needs.

Life for the past couple years had been overwhelming to say the least, but when I felt the most hopeless, on the day I cried through an entire church service, tears slowly streaming down my face, unstoppable while I silently and fervently prayed, “Please remove this burden”, a miracle happened. I came home after Sunday school, and my mom told me she wanted to go live with my sister two states away. I was shocked. She had absolutely no idea how upset I had been only a couple hours before because I had gotten myself together in the restroom right after church before going to Sunday school.

I felt a great sense of relief and guilt at the same time. How could I let my sister go through what I had experienced? I immediately talked to my sister, and she said she was going to insist that mom have someone come in for four hours a day to help her with her midday meal, opening and reading her mail, looking up information she needed, taking her to get her perm and manicures, etc. Additionally, one of my other sisters lives fifteen minutes away, and both of them are registered nurses, so they might be able to help with monitoring her health and medications better than I. My mother also has several adult grandchildren in the area, so my mind was quickly put at ease. One month ago, my husband and I drove my mother to my sister’s house in Tennessee, and she seems to be doing very well. I feel like I can finally close that chapter of my life. Of course, my mother is still in my life, and we’re staying in touch, but I now have more time to devote to my marriage and my health.

Speaking of health, I have recently started the Daniel Plan, developed by Rick Warren and others, including doctors, that is based on five tenets:Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends. As a result, I’m eating MUCH healthier. Along with my Sunday school class, I’ve learned a lot about food and food labels. I didn’t think I could eat healthy and still enjoy food, but I am. Now that it’s been warmer outside, my husband and I are walking the dogs and riding our bikes regularly. I’m also stretching most nights before going to bed. The result…I have more energy and flexibility and less inflammation. I’m not in remission, but I can definitely feel an improvement. Most importantly, I have motivation to get healthy. I understand now that my body is a temple of God. I’d read that in the bible, but I didn’t really give it any thought. It’s not my body, not really. God has just loaned it to me for this life, and I need to be healthier, so I can better serve Him. If my health continues to improve, I’m hoping to start doing some volunteer work again.

So things are looking up…for now. I know that there will be good times and bad, that this life is a roller coaster ride, and that I was in a twisty, turning part of the ride that constantly had my stomach in knots. Unfortunately, we can’t see what lies before us, and we don’t have any idea how long a bad patch will run. God doesn’t always respond quickly to our prayers, but in my experience, when we turn our burdens over to him in prayer (fervent, consistent prayer), he does respond. Luke 18:1-8


Spring is here…the blue bonnets are coming up here in Texas!

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