I had this beautiful dream a couple nights ago of being in a small garden just west of a rustic gray cabin in the morning. There were beautiful white irises and some small blue flowers that were like pansies, but they weren’t spotted. I thought about how I wanted to plant some more flowers, and I turned to my left to see about a dozen monarch butterflies fluttering around in the sunlight. I was filled with an overwhelming peace. It’s amazing how we can be given an escape from reality through our dreams. 

Life is so fragile, and there is so much sudden and senseless death in the world. I feel myself becoming more and more detached as I see so much violence and materialism, and as I experience so many aches and pains. I’ve come to believe more and more that my disease(s) are a blessing. They help keep me focused on the things that matter such as family, friends, and experiencing the beauty in the world.  I sincerely wish that everyone could have dreams like the one I had…dreams with a complete absence of anger, hate, and sadness. When I have a dream such as this one, it makes me feel as though I’ve glimpsed heaven, and I wish so much, that I could share that joy and peace with others in this world who so desperately need to feel it themselves.


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