On the Up and Up

Well, I finally got the severe muscle cramp or pinched nerve in my leg under control. Four days of 40mg of prednisone, tramidol, and ice packs seem to have done the trick. I’m still having some issues with general muscle aches toward the end of the day which require me to use lineament, but other than that, I’m feeling good. I’ve started walking each day again (though not riding my bike for fear of overdoing it), and I’ve also lost six pounds the past couple of weeks with the help of a free app called My Fitness Pal. I enter how much I exercise and how many calories I eat throughout the day, and it lets me know how close I am to my target of consuming 1200 calories. It gave me that target after I entered my goal, my age, and my weight. I also look up foods or meals in advance to see how healthy or unhealthy they are.

Another good free app is My Diet Coach though I’m only using it for the tips and the reminder feature. I’ve set it up so that I get a reminder every two hours to drink water since I tend not to drink enough.

Although I’m not overweight since I have a normal body mass index, I feel the need to lose a total of ten pounds, so I’m in the mid range area of the body mass index chart for my height instead of at the upper end. My father had diabetes, and my mom and brother have diabetes. Heart disease runs in our family, too, so I’m trying to be healthier. In addition to losing weight, I’m still trying to eat healthier by adhering to what I learned on the Daniel Plan. I’m eating more organic foods and I’m checking labels so I can avoid high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and preservatives. I’m supposed to avoid artificial sweeteners as well, but I’m just not there yet.  In time, I’m hoping to get to that point. Do I always eat healthy everyday? No, but I do most days. The only times I don’t eat healthy seem to be when I get together with friends or family. I’m really going to have to make some healthier decisions when we eat out.

Today is definitely a good day though! It’s beautiful weather (only in the 70’s due to a cold front), I’ve got stew in the crock pot and bread in the oven. The house is clean, and I’m ready for family to visit tomorrow so we can go to iFly Dallas for some indoor skydiving. A couple days ago I got to play paintball for the first time, and even though I could only play three rounds before I felt too sore and exhausted to play anymore, I still had fun, and it was a new experience. I think I need to start having more “new experiences” before I’m too old or worn out to have them! What experiences do you want to have that are within your reach?


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