It starts…

Well, school starts Monday, so of course, I overdid it the past couple of days getting ready for the students to show up. I moved a lot of equipment, did a little laminating (nothing compared to what my amazing assistant did), made student ID badges when the line of new students registering for school got long, put up posters, etc. The result… the library is completely ready for the kids Monday, but I woke up feeling awful. I slept twelve hours last night, but I felt terribly stiff and achy and could hardly walk. Additionally, I had a dull ache in my chest where my heart is. Pericarditis perhaps?

After 20 mg of prednisone, a hot bath, lying back down for a while, taking 20 mg more of prednisone, I started feeling much better. In fact, I’m pretty much symptom free at the moment! 🙂

Unfortunately, my car wouldn’t start while we were out later on in the day.  A friendly neighbor came to jump my car but it still wouldn’t car. By the way, I wish my Toyota Corolla’s alarm wouldn’t go off everytime I try to start my car with a dead battery. How embarassing!!! My neighbor ended up driving us home, so we could get in my husband’s car, and go get another battery. Apparently, corrosion on the battery connection is a sign you might have a battery issue. Who knew? Not that I ever bother to look at it. Fortunately, I have a sweet and loving husband who didn’t complain about changing out a battery in the hot summer sun. The rest of the day went great, and I felt good enough to go on a walk with my husband and our sweet dogs this evening. *Keeping my fingers crossed that I still feel good in the morning*

OK, it’s 9:00 p.m., and since I’m trying to get back onto my school year sleep schedule, I’m going to attempt to sleep. 

Good night, good morning, or good afternoon…depending on the time you read this.


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