Running Down a Dream

My husband and I have talked about buying a house for the last seven years of our marriage…one in which we both like the layout and yard, a house that we can pick out together. He has always seemed adamant about living on the local lake, so when we found a lake house that we could afford, we put our own house up for sale and put in an offer on the lake house. We had an offer on our own house the next day which we accepted. When I called our insurance agent to see about flood insurance, I found out that the lake house is in an area more prone to flooding than we thought and what was said in the Seller’s Disclosure. We also discovered some cracks in the foundation. Subsequently, we decided not to buy the house after all. So now we’ve started packing up our house in anticipation of the October 2nd closing, and we have no place to go since we can’t find another affordable lake house or another house that meets with the high standards of my husband.

Meanwhile, when the buyer had our house inspected, there were some issues she decided she wanted fixed, and we found out about these on Friday…here are some cracks in the mortar around the bricks above our garage, the electrical outlet on the front porch is hanging out of the wall, there’s a crack in a window, the guest bathroom toilet isn’t attached to the floor, there’s an obstruction in the condensate line for the AC, and the roof needs a bit of repair. Consequently, I have all sorts of workmen lined up to come to the house this week. The buyer’s demands are quite reasonable. I just hope we have enough in savings to get everything fixed.

Yesterday, I was feeling really stressed about all of this. I had a sore throat which only grew worse as I brought down stuff from the attic and sorted through it, and now today, I have a full-blown cold. As I’m sitting up in bed typing this, after a satisfying bowl of warm chicken soup I might add, I must admit that I feel much better than I did yesterday…at least mentally. My husband is in good health, my dogs are fine, and I’ve been feeling pretty good as far as the arthritis and muscle aches go. No hives either. I’m not in remission, but I’m feeling all right. The school year has started off well, my husband is still employed at his new job, and life, overall, is good. I have much to be thankful for.

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