Countering Negativity

Whenever we have a break from the cold of winter, and we get a sudden warm spell, I inevitably overdo it. My husband is still out of town, and last weekend, I was eager to put a few boxes into the attic to try to make some space in the garage for my car. The day after, my lower back hurt in a way that I’ve never experienced before. It was downright excruciating, and it was terribly hard to sleep. I finally got up and slapped on a lineament patch, and the chemical heat seemed to help. I felt somewhat better the next day and have improved ever since. Taking long showers and doing yoga moves such as the downward-facing-dog and the warrior pose seemed to help quite a bit also . Never underestimate the power of yoga! I really need to get back into the routine of doing yoga on a regular basis. It’s not only good for the body, but it’s good for the mind as well. You can find some basic poses to try at if you’re interested in trying. You can even use a chair for support for some poses if you have problems with balance.

Besides the back hurting, my leg muscles and hip have been hurting…mainly in the morning, but worse than that,  I’ve been feeling rather down. I sometimes tend to over think things and worry a lot. I’m also self-conscious which really affects me at work. I love being a high school librarian most of the time, but sometimes, working with teenagers can really drag a person down. Sometimes, they’re negative, cynical, rude, and rebellious. It drains the energy from me. Our principal recently showed us a video of a TED Talk about how once we perceive something as being negative, it’s much harder to think in a positive way about it, but if something seems positive, and you look at the negative side of it, then you tend to get stuck in the negative. Humans, therefore, are prone to thinking and staying negative about things. It was probably good for me to watch this video earlier this week because the negativity really does affect me, and I had an interesting experience in the library today in which this video’s message was especially poignant.

During last period, I heard a senior girl  several yards away say, “I hate the library.” It really upset me because I took it personally. I really do try to provide a positive, warm, and friendly environment which is hard to do because I’m supposed to have kids sign in and out and wear their ID’s. Having kids wear ID’s around their neck all day is a pain, and I don’t think it makes the school any safer, but I won’t get on my soap box right now. I will add, however, that it’s hard to forge relationships with students and be the ID Nazi at the same time!

Anyway, when I saw this girl standing near the circulation desk later on, I said, “So did I hear you say that you hate  the library?” She said yes. I said, “May I ask why? I’m just curious because I try to make the library a positive place to be.” She responded that it’s not me; it’s just that she had to do community service at a public library, and they were mean and she also doesn’t like to read. We ended up having a really good discussion about why she doesn’t like to read and which books she might try since she did read a book once that she liked called War Horse.

Earlier, I had been thinking, “I just need to get out of education” when I was just over-reacting and focusing on the negative. Not only that, but I need to stop forgetting about the kids who come to the library everyday and seem happy to be there…kids who smile back at me, and thank me for doing something as simple as helping them find the print button. I also need to get into the habit of writing down the things I’m grateful for. I did this for one week, but then I stopped for some reason. Studies show that doing this improves a person’s sense of well-being and satisfaction, so I REALLY do need to do this. If you’ve tried this, what did you think of it? Did it help? Please comment.

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