A New Perspective

I talked with three very wise women today, women with whom I used to work when I first arrived in Texas. Two of them were teachers and one of them was a counselor, and they are now all retired. It was so good to see them and catch up on everything.

All of these women have known me for many years, and they know that I have autoimmune disease; in fact one of them has struggled with Lupus for many years and has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as well. She is the one who got me to see my current rheumatologist. I feel comfortable talking with these ladies about my autoimmune disease, so when they asked me how I’ve been feeling, I let them know that I’ve been extremely exhausted…so tired that I’m often experiencing nausea. I slept 10 1/2 hours last night; it’s only 7:00 pm right now, and I could easily go to bed right now and sleep through the night. Thursday night I went to bed at 4:30pm and only got up for an hour at 7:00pm before going back to bed. WHY AM I SO TIRED???

One of my friends told me I should see another doctor, and I’ve decided to take her advice. I’m not going to go see another rheumatologist yet, but I think I’m going to see a primary care doctor and just tell him or her I’m feeling exhausted and nauseous and see what kind of blood tests they’ll run. My rheumatologist just chalks everything up to having Dermatomyositis, but I feel like there must be something more. I thought I might have hypothyroidism, especially after my gynecologist discovered nodules on my thyroid, but the blood test checking my thyroid hormone level was normal. All I know is that something needs to change. I can’t keep going like this.

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