Did you know that breathing deeply helps you counteract stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system? It’s also good for your cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble breathing lately. I want to breathe. I try to fill my lungs but can’t. It started over a month ago when I got sick. According to the doctor at the clinic I didn’t get a bad cold as I suspected but had a bad allergy attack and developed a respiratory infection. I started taking over-the-counter allergy medicine as well as antibiotics. Unfortunately, I started having the ache in my chest that I had last year and the year before last when I was diagnosed with pleurisy which is when the two linings of the lungs become so inflamed that they rub on each other.

I made an appointment with my rheumatologist, but it’s not for another week. I couldn’t wait that long for relief, so I went up to 20 mgs of prednisone and have gradually come down to 10. I’ll go back down to 5 mgs in a couple of days, so I can be honest about how much prednisone I’m taking when I go into see her. That way I won’t be scolded for self-medicating. What does she expect me to do, though, when I’m in pain and can’t fill my lungs but can’t get in to see her for a month because she has so many patients? I’m not going to go to the emergency room where they’ll make me lie around for ages waiting for tests to be run and charge me thousands of dollars out of pocket. Have I mentioned how awful medical insurance is for educators??? They say it’s because our field is dominated by women and women get pregnant, ergo, we deserve to pay more insurance? I haven’t given birth to any kids, but I’m not going to hold my breath for any sort of discount.

And while we’re back on the subject of breathing, this is the longest case of pleurisy I’ve had. Usually, it only lasts about a week or two, but this time, it’s been over a month. I’m hoping it really is just pleurisy. The aching in my chest has gone from a sharp pain when I breathe into just a dull ache, and I can breathe in more deeply than I could, but I still can’t breathe in all the way…unless I yawn, and even that only works sometimes.  I guess it’s more annoying than anything.

So…I’m going to have to start taking yoga classes again. I’ve got to. Yoga used to really relax me. I tell myself I’m going to start up with doing it at home again, but it never happens. If I pay to go to yoga classes, I know it’s going to happen. We’ll see what happens…with the doctor and with yoga. Stay tuned.

And now…a little Pink Floyd. This isn’t the most cheerful song (most of Pink Floyd’s music isn’t), but it’s been going through my head a lot. I can’t imagine why. *sarcasm*

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