Feelin’ Good in the Neighborhood

Despite the intense sun and heat (we’re expecting a high of 102 today), I’m feeling pretty good. It helps that I can sleep as long as I like, I’m walking every morning and evening, and I don’t really have any stress since school is out for the summer. I’ve also been doing yoga again…or at least a lot of stretching. I know I said in my last post that I was going to go to yoga classes again, but I’m feeling rather cheap right now since the hubby hasn’t been paid for his last 2 months of work. I also don’t feel motivated to drive a few miles to do it. Therefore, I’ve been doing some stretches each night. I hadn’t realized how out of shape I was! If I’m this stiff at 40, how inflexible will I be at 60???

When I went to the rheumatologist a couple days ago, she squeezed my knees and knuckles the latter of which she said seemed inflamed, but they don’t feel bad to me, so I’m not concerned. I told her I’ve been feeling very good since I’m getting plenty of rest, and she responded, “Well, perhaps you should stop working or at least cut back to part time.” As if! Of course, I politely responded that I wasn’t ready to cut back yet.

The rheumatologist next stated that she wants me to start on Fosamax again soon. I told her I stopped taking it because I read that some women who have been on it will suddenly have a femur break while walking. (I don’t know about you, but that sounds awfully painful, not to mention WEIRD! What do you say to people when they ask how you broke your leg? “Uh, well, I was walking.”  “And???” they would respond followed by an awkard pause. You get the picture.) In response to my concern, the rheumatologist said, “Oh, that only happens after five or so years of being on it.” I replied, “Well, I was hoping to live more than five more years.” She just smiled and kept typing away on her laptop.  I’m hoping she just tuned me out while she was making notes in my record. Let this be a lesson though, boys and girls, ALWAYS read about drugs before you start taking them!

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