My New Experiment

Last week was a real wake up call for me. Not only have I been really tired, achy, and itchy as well as having more chest pain, I got my latest lab test results back. My C-Reactive Protein, which is a test for inflammation, was 2.09. Anything over .80 is high. After looking this up, I discovered this puts me at a moderate risk for a heart attack. I’m only 41! Additionally, my Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) result was a bit low at 25 U/L which can indicate a nutritional deficiency or problems with the liver, kidneys, or bones. I’ve felt for a while like my body isn’t absorbing nutrients well since I take plenty of vitamins and eat pretty well, but always feel tired and often feel nauseous.

As a result of all this, I’ve decided to do what the writer of the blog at has done since she’s having some fantastic results. She went on a very strict diet in which you can only eat meat, vegetables (except beans and nightshade vegetables), and fruit. Additionally, the only things you can drink or fresh juice, decaf tea, and water. Optimally, everything you eat should be organic. Why am I doing this? I’ve suspected for quite sometime that I’m sensitive to certain foods, but I can’t determine which ones. By cutting out gluten, grains, beans, dairy, eggs, sweetners, nightshade vegetables, processed foods, caffeine, nuts, and soy, I will hopefully reduce the inflammation in my body. I’m also taking a strong probiotic (Pearls) which have 5 billion bacteria in each one, so I can try to restore my digestive tract to normal since the immune system basically resides in your gut.

I started this new diet on Saturday, and I’m already experiencing less itching and more energy after three days. I had no trouble getting out of bed at 5:15 this morning and felt less achy than usual. I’m also not experiencing food cravings as much as I normally do. In fact, I’ve already lost a couple of pounds.

You’re probably thinking, “She can’t keep this up!” Well, actually, I think I can. When you feel absolutely miserable (tired, itchy, achy with chest pains), and you experience some relief from that misery, it provides you with quite a bit of motivation to keep going. However, at some point I do plan to start reintroducing some of the items I’ve cut one at a time and see if I become worse again…probably starting with eggs! Wish me luck, and as always, keep me in your prayers. 🙂

By the way, my husband just told me that I should add that he is rubbing my feet right now, and I do admit, that it feels pretty nice. I’m so blessed to have such a sweet husband!

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1 Response to My New Experiment

  1. mylifewithdm says:

    I believe that you CAN do this! I am honored that I was able to inspire you in anyway and in turn am inspired by you! I wish you strength!! Know that you can take small steps to get there. I was not perfect in the beginning phases of my diet and continue to have slip ups sometimes but have found that I just don’t bother with the temptations anymore because I know how I will feel after. I will continue to follow you journey and see how you do! Best of luck!!

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