Suzanne and the Not-So Terrible, Not-So Horrible, Pretty Good Day

Today started out as a pretty awful day (I’m not even going to lie), but it did get better. I won’t go into the pity party I threw myself this morning. Instead I will focus on how I got out of the funk in which I found myself.

It began by opening my email this afternoon and seeing recommendations of inspiring videos on the LM-Net Listserv I subscribe to as a school librarian. Someone had asked for video clips to show seniors about to graduate as a time killer. One of them was a Ted Talk from Neil Pasricha on the 3 A’s of Awesome. I’d never heard of this speaker who writes the blog 1,000 Awesome Things and has now published various books, including his latest titled The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything =  Have Everything which I intend to buy soon, but I was intrigued by the title of his speech.

The first A stands for Attitude (having a positive attitude and choosing to move on despite the bad things that happen). The second A is Awareness (being aware of the beautiful things in life and exploring or focusing on them as if you were little again). The last A is authenticity (being you and being OK with that…even if you’re a giant football player who enjoys needlepoint like Rosey Grier).

When I started this year, I was going to write out something I’m grateful for each week, but I haven’t done it consistently. I just relocated the “Blessings” jar on my nightstand, so I can start remembering to appreciate things again instead of focusing on the negative things (of which there are a lot in my life right now but I’m not going to write about that because then I would being doing what I just said I wouldn’t do)!

I’m not sure how you recapture the innocence of being young and appreciating the world around you and using your imagination like you used to. I’ve been spending some time trying to do that, trying to remember exploring my back yard, climbing trees, and playing in the field behind my house, or sitting on the back stoop petting and naming the many stray cats we fed over the years, but my mind always wanders back to the responsibilities and worries I have before me.

Last, I would like to be authentic, but it’s hard for me. I’m introverted, do NOT like shopping for clothes or being feminine, and I can find no better way to spend a day off than sitting in my recliner and reading or getting my fingers dirty as I work in my flower bed. Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in at all. Other women around me are having their 2.5 kids with their employed husbands as they walk around in dresses or really cute outfits with wedges or pumps. This is SO not me. I guess I just have to embrace who I am because I sure don’t fit in with society’s image of the ideal woman.

OK, so I’m going to go ahead and order The Happiness Equation. I’ll let you know what I think. By the way, I’ve fallen off the wagon as far as only eating meat, vegetables (minus nightshade vegatables) and fruit goes, but I’m getting back on that wagon tomorrow. I had a really rough morning, and I needed some Jack in the Box on the way home from church.

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