Away from Home

This week I commuted to north Dallas for a conference and although I received a lot of value from this conference and made some new friends, pasta, sandwiches, rolls, and cake were common parts of the meals they delivered to our tables, although there was a lot of chicken and salad as well.

When I signed up for the conference in the spring, I only suspected I might have a sensitivity to wheat, so I didn’t specify on the registration form that I needed a special diet prepared for me. Therefore, I ended up eating the regular meals that most other people ate with negative consequences. A couple of days into the conference, I started feeling drained, and developed achy joints and muscles, along with a sore throat. This has definitely reinforced my belief that I have issues with wheat, and I have now recommitted myself to a wheat free diet starting yesterday. I’m already starting to feel a bit better today though not nearly as good as I did before the conference. I guess it will take a few days to get the wheat out of my system.

This afternoon I was catching up on email and found an email from the creators of the Daniel Plan diet ( a diet my Sunday School class tried a couple years ago). As I skimmed the email, I saw a link to an article called “9 Natural Ways to Heal Autoimmune Disease”, so I felt compelled to read it and you can, too, if you click here:

You’re basically supposed to do things like eat an anti-inflammatory diet with whole foods such as turmeric, look for infections you have (taking a strong probiotic regularly can help with addressing these even if you don’t know what’s going on in your gut), decrease your sugar intake (which I REALLY need to work on), get tested for hidden food allergies (make sure you don’t take allergy pills a few days before though like I did), use supplements like Omega 3 Fish oil pills which help your body fight inflammation, etc. I’m already doing many of these things and hope to start doing more. If you’re struggling with an autoimmune disorder, I urge you to follow the strategies in the article linked above. You may not go into remission, but following some of the steps may help you tremendously. I know they’ve help me…when I do them consistently. 🙂


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