Wander On, Weary Soul

We have a couple of amazing neighbors named Roberto and Maria. They’ve been married around 50 years, and they’re the type of neighbors that sit out on their front porch and invite you in for tea and cookies or even wine and bbq depending on the time of day. We’ve been truly blessed to have this couple in our lives as they’ve offered us many words of wisdom.

Last week, Roberto gave me a recording of The Bluegrass Gospel Project, and I was struck by a song called “Wander On, Weary Soul” which you can listen to at the end of my post. Even if you’re not a fan of bluegrass, I think you’ll find the lyrics both beautiful and comforting. Basically, it’s about how you just have to keep going no matter how difficult your situation is or how long it may last. There’s a lot of nature imagery used such as being in a snow storm as it’s getting dark while going up a mountain. In the last line of the chorus, the singer points out, “You shall be free as neither does the river know the way down to the sea”.

This song has been a source of comfort to me, especially over the last couple of days. You see, this week is my spring break. It’s normally a time for me to recharge my batteries going into the final quarter of the school year when the kids are at their wildest and there’s so much still left to accomplish. Unfortunately, my mom is exhibiting some of the negative behaviors she displayed 3-5 years ago when she last lived with us. These are the same behaviors I witnessed growing up as well. I’m not going to go into details but I was hoping things would be different this time. It seems that I’m in a snowstorm entering a time of darkness while traversing a mountain. I don’t know how long or crooked the course is that lays before me, but I take comfort knowing that I’m not alone, that others have faced long and difficult journeys, and that there will be an end at some point.

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  1. MakeItUltra™ says:

    Good post 👌🏽✨

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