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A Lesson in Empathy

This last week and a half has been a whirlwind of activity. My mother suddenly asked when I was going to start helping her find another place to live which really took me by surprise. I knew she was bored … Continue reading

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Straight Paths

Recently, my mom’s Dementia took a pretty bad turn. Two Fridays ago, I came home to discover that my mom was in a foul mood and was accusing the neighbor kid from next door of lying to her. Really, it … Continue reading

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I wish I could say that the title of this post refers to a positive definition out of Webster’s dictionary such as “a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light,” but I’m sad to say that it doesn’t. In … Continue reading

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The Dance

Dementia is an odd disease in that you basically lose your most recent memories first. For instance, yesterday, when my mother asked how old she would be on her next birthday, I said 88, but then she insisted that was … Continue reading

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Wander On, Weary Soul

We have a couple of amazing neighbors named Roberto and Maria. They’ve been married around 50 years, and they’re the type of neighbors that sit out on their front porch and invite you in for tea and cookies or even … Continue reading

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A Day of Rest

I was raised by an Italian Catholic mother, so guilt has always been something I’ve experienced to a great degree. I was able to decrease the amount of guilt I experienced when I left home and became protestant, but it’s … Continue reading

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Home again

Today I brought my mom home from rehab. The social worker wanted to keep her another week but decided to release her sooner because of her confusion and her penchant for being “feisty”. She now has a doctor’s order for … Continue reading

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